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NiceDay functionalities

You can set a reminder for all trackers. You can do this by going to the tab ‘Track’ and tapping on the tracker for which you want to activate a reminder. Tap the gear icon in the top right to set a reminder for creating a registration. You will then receive a notification on your phone at the specified time. These are the steps:

  • Click on ‘add a reminder’
  • ‘Fill in your feelings’ is the title of the reminder
  • You can set a start and end time for the activity
  • You can also adjust your settings to show a reminder multiple times.
  • There are several options. You can set the reminder to pop up every day, every week, every month or at a custom timeframe. When you opt for ‘custom’, you can set how often (1x every two weeks, for example) you want to receive the notification, on which day (Mon-Sun) and when the repetition should end (never, end of the day or after x number of repetitions).

Your professional will explain the Thought Record to you when you first start using it. You can find more information on the Thought Record here

Under the section ‘Track’, you will find the button ‘Thought Records’. Tap on this. Then tap the plus button (+) to create a Thought Record. There are 3 steps involved to completing a Thought Record. After each step, you can choose to continue filling out or to stop and save it there.

Step 1:

Fill in the five headings shown below. The first three are mandatory, the last two are optional. The more you fill in, the more insight it will provide you with.

Event: Describe what happened, the activity and/or the thoughts. Keep it factual; where were you, with whom, what happened?

Feeling: 5 basic emotions are shown. If you click on one, you can use the slider to indicate how intense the emotion was on a scale from 0 to 100%. You don’t have to click on all the emotions, just pick the ones that apply to you. The question ‘What did I feel?’ can help you fill them out.

Thoughts: Describe the automatic thoughts that preceded the feeling. These questions might help you fill the record out: What was I thinking? What was going through my mind? What did I say to myself? What did I think of it?

Behaviour: Describe what you did here: What did I do? How did I react?

Consequence: Describe what happened next: What effect did this have? What was the result of this behaviour?

Click ‘Next’ at the bottom of the screen to complete step 1. You can now choose to proceed to step 2 by pressing ‘Save and go to step 2’, or to continue later by tapping ‘Save Thought Record’.

Step 2:

Step 2 consists of two parts:

  • In the first part of step 2, you select your most important thought. This is the thought that most strongly evokes a negative feeling, also known as the ‘most important automatic negative thought’. Choose from the thoughts you entered in step 1, which are also listed here as a reminder. Then indicate how credible that thought is. Thus, how strongly do you believe that thought on a scale of 1-100%? Click ‘Next’ to go to the second section. If you click on ‘Back’, you will go back to Step 1.
  • In the second part, you will take a closer look at your thought and challenge it to see if it is realistic. You will do this based on the seven questions that you will see here. You must answer at least three of the seven questions. Questions 1a and 1b count as one completed question and are compulsory. Click ‘Next’ at the bottom to complete step 2.

You can now choose to proceed to step 3 by clicking ‘Save and go to step 3’ or leave it at this by clicking ‘Save Thought Record’, which allows you to finish your Thought Record later.

Step 3:

Step 3 also consists of several parts:

  • After challenging your most important thought, you will formulate a more realistic alternative thought. An alternative thought is more neutral or positive than your original thought and can help you to face similar situations because it evokes fewer negative feelings. Write it down here and then indicate how credible this thought is on a scale of 1-100%.
  • Click ‘Next’ to proceed to the second section. In this section, you will look back at your old thoughts and indicate, on a scale of 1-100%, how credible your old thought is to you now.
  • Click ‘Next’ to continue to the results of your first thought.
  • Click on ‘Next’ to see the result of your alternative thought.
  • Click on ‘Next’ to complete step 3. You have now completed the Thought Record!

Under the section ‘Support’, you will find the ‘Contacts’ tab.

  • Tap on the ‘+’ sign at the top right.
  • Enter the name of your professional in the search bar. Tap on your professional and then tap on ‘Send connection request’.
  • You will now get a pop-up with the text: “Are you sure you want to send a connection request?” If you are sure, you can click ‘Okay’. If you have chosen the wrong professional, you can click on ‘Cancel’. The connection request will not be sent.

Under the tab ‘Support’, you will find the ‘Chats’ tab. Here, you can see all the open conversations you have in NiceDay. Click on a chat to open it. You can view the chat history or write a new message.

  • To send a new message, click on the ‘type here’ bar.

At the top right of the chat window, you can find two icons. Tap on one of the two icons to start the conversation.

  • Tap on the first icon (📞) to call your professional.
  • Tap on the second icon (📹) to video call your professional.

Under the heading ‘Track’, you will find the button ‘Meeting notes’. Tapping on this will direct you to a screen with an overview of your meeting notes. You will see the notes you have created yourself, but also the documents that your professional has created. Would you like to read or edit any of these notes? Then click on the relevant note.

Simply add a meeting note by pressing the ‘+’ in the top right corner on your screen.

The NiceDay pedometer synchronizes with the pedometer on your phone. To activate it, the following is required:

  • Android: Install Google Fit on your phone. Without this app, unfortunately, it is not possible to use the pedometer.
  • iOS: Give the Health app access to your step sensor. This way, you can activate the pedometer!

Go to your Pedometer via ‘Track’. Click on the gear in the top right corner. You can switch on the slider next to ‘Set target’. Click on ‘Steps per day’ and enter the number of steps you want to take per day. Click ‘Save’ in the top right and then click ‘Save’ at the bottom. NiceDay now keeps track of when your goal has been reached!

Overlapping reminders are not supported. When setting a reminder, pay attention to the time you set it at. Make sure you do not have another reminder set for the same time!

You can plan activities in the planner for a date and time in the future. If you want to register something that has already happened, you can create a diary entry. In the diary, you can set the time in the past.

Yes, this is possible! You can use the app independently, for example as a diary, to register your feelings, or to set reminders. If you are not connected to a professional or the NiceDay team, no one can view your registrations.

Hell yes! For example, you could make this a part of your relapse prevention plan. With the help of registrations, you can keep track of your well-being. But, of course, you don’t have to, you can choose to delete the app after your treatment.

Entering or editing personal data

You do not have to enter your date of birth, place of residence and gender if you prefer not to. Your bio can also remain empty and a photo is not required. Name and email address are required, however.

You will find your profile information under the button ‘Profile’. Here, you can view and edit your entered data.

  • Click on the pencil on the right of the screen to edit your data. When you have finished editing your data, tap on ‘save’ in the top right of the screen to save your changes.
  • Note: you cannot change your email address. Do you want to change it? Send the NiceDay Team a message, we are happy to help you!

You can change your password by logging out and clicking the link ‘Forgot your password?’ on the login screen. You’ll have to enter the email address to which you have registered an account and click on ‘Reset password’. You will receive an email with a link to create a new password. After that, you can log in again with your new password.

Your data is stored anonymously on secure servers. We do not share this data with anyone. You can read about this information extensively in our privacy policy.

All practitioners you are connected with have access to all the entered data. The NiceDay Team can also see your data when you are connected with them. There is no one else who can access your data.

You cannot delete your profile yourself. Send the NiceDay Team a message or email them at with the request to delete your profile. They will delete your account and all your data!

Technical questions

Yes! You can make (video) calls via the NiceDay web environment. Please note: you can only make video calls via your computer, you can use the NiceDay app for other functionalities such as a diary registration or registering your mood.

You can update the app via the App Store or Play Store on your smartphone. These updates often happen automatically, but it is important to regularly check whether a manual update is needed. The app will function best with the latest version!

A poor Wi-Fi connection can affect the quality of the video call with your professional. You can try switching to a 4G network.

If you cannot or do not want to do so, you can try to improve your Wi-Fi connection by taking the following into account: when you are video calling, make sure that no other devices, such as telephones, laptops, TVs or game consoles, are also using the Wi-Fi network. Consider, for example, watching Netflix or YouTube videos, playing online games, or holding video calls.

Yes, you will also receive the call through a push notification if you are not actively using the app. It is best to have the app open at the time of the appointment, as you can ensure that you always see the call coming in.

Hell yes! The app is available in both Dutch and English. The app is automatically set to the language set on your phone. If your phone is set to Dutch, NiceDay will also be in Dutch. If your phone is set to a different language, the app will be in English. The only way to change the language of the app is to change the language of your phone to Dutch. You can do so like this:

  • iOS: Settings > General > Language and Region > iPhone Language > Dutch
  • Android: Settings > Language and input > Language > Dutch

You can use NiceDay on almost any smartphone. Your phone must have the operating system iOS or Android. In the App Store or Play Store, you can find information on which software version is the minimum requirement for your phone. 

iOS is supported from iOS 10

Android is supported from Android 7 (the app also works with Android 5 and 6, however it may not function completely as it should)

Are you experiencing problems with the app? First, try to restart or reinstall the app, and check whether you have a good internet connection.

Still not working? Please contact the NiceDay Team. Send a chat message or email to

You can check NiceDay’s notification settings. Check this both in the app (located at the gear wheel next to your profile) and in the settings of your phone:

  • iOS: Settings > Notifications > NiceDay > Allow Notifications
  • Android: Settings > Apps & Notifications > Notifications > Recently Sent > NiceDay

Are they turned off? You can turn them on to receive notifications. When the push notifications are already turned on, you can turn them off and on again. This often resolves the issue.

You can try to update the app first via the App Store or Google Play Store. If this doesn’t help, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Still not working? We are happy to help; send an email to

Feedback is always welcome! Send your feedback in a chat message to the NiceDay Team or an email to

Video calling

During a video, you can turn off your microphone by pressing the middle icon (the microphone) at the bottom of your screen. Do you see a red icon? That means that your microphone is switched off.

If you are video calling via the NiceDay web environment, you are able to access your registrations on your phone whilst calling!If you are using your phone for video calling, it is not (yet) possible to view your registrations while calling.

Step 1: Usually, this means that either you or your professional does not have a stable internet connection. Check your internet connection and switch between 4G and Wi-Fi if necessary.

Step 2: No connection yet? Try closing and reopening the app.

Step 3: Try calling your professional yourself instead of the other way around. This sometimes helps!

Step 4: Check if you have given permission to use the camera and microphone. After an update, it can be possible that you have to give permission again.

On a phone you can check this via:

  • iOS: Settings > Privacy > Camera and Microphone > turn on the slider behind NiceDay.
  • Android: Settings > Apps > NiceDay > Permissions > Camera and microphone must be on.

Step 5: Are you still experiencing problems? Send the NiceDay Team a connection request in the app and send a chat message, or send an email to We are happy to help you!

This is probably because your phone automatically goes to ‘sleep’ after a few minutes, which causes the call to reconnect each time. You can prevent this by touching your screen every few minutes, or fix it by changing the settings of your phone:

  • iOS: Settings > Display and brightness > Automatic lock should never be set.
  • Android: Settings > Display > Sleep should be set to never.