Life hacks: how to recycle jars, wine bottles and even beer bottles
Life hacks: how to recycle jars, wine bottles and even beer bottles


Being more conscious about our habits, the way we treat the environment and how we can prevent food waste are topics that need our attention. Have you thought about how you can contribute to our environment by being more aware off your behaviour when it comes to buying stuff or food? You can start by recycling more in your household. This way you are more aware of all the food you consume and you can make meal prepping more fun. We have a few life hacks that can inspire you to be more creative and to buy less.

Peanut Butter jars

Are you also a big fan of peanut butter? Don’t throw away the jars! You can get rid off the labels, clean up the jar and use it for storing food. You can make overnight oats, bring vegetable or fruit snacks to work or to use it as a smoothie cup. This way you can even make your healthy food look more appetising! Did you know that you can do some creative DIY and put a candle in it? Some people use it as a pen or marker holder for example at your office. Last but not least: using glass jars is even healthier than using plastic Tupperware because plastic containers often have low amount of chemicals.

Wine bottles as a candle holder

Don’t throw away empty bottles of wine and transform it to a candle holder instead! You can just easily put a long candle in it. Or you can get rid off the label, clean it up and maybe even paint it in a different color. You can even put flowers in it. There are a lot of ways you can recycle empty bottles of wine, just google ‘DIY bottle wine’ and we’re pretty sure you will be inspired to get creative.

Beer bottles as a flower vase

When the weekend is over and you have collected some beer bottles you might want to recycle them into flower vases! You can transform it into any color you like and even use different kind of beer bottles.

Vintage tea cups as a jewellery holder

You might have some vintage tea cups you’ve stored in a cupboard. And you also might have a nice jewellery collection that is hidden in closed boxes. Get all of your beautiful jewellery out of the boxes and put it in the vintage tea cups. This way you can actually see your collection and you might prevent yourself from buying more jewellery. Not a big jewellery fan? You can even use vintage tea cups as a candle holder.

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