When you are in balance, it feels like everything goes the way it suppose to go. You probably can remember a day where this happened. Everything on that day did go fine: you felt happier and you had more energy. These moments are the moments you’re in balance. Rest and balance are both essential to us as humans and to our well being. But what is balance? And to what extent do you feel balanced?

Weight scale
A scale is a metaphor to explain the term: balance. Using the metaphor ‘weigh scale’, you can see two ways of restoring your balance. On one side, the weigh scale contains heavy loads. On the other side, the weigh scale contains the carrying things. By looking what’s on the heavy loads side, you can decide what you have to do to balance those two sides. Also you can look what you need to do to upgrade the carrying side. By balancing those two side you will create more balance in your life.

It is all about balance
A healthy life means creating balance on many levels in your life. For example, creating balance between relationships and yourself, this is about your social life. Or creating balance between effort and relaxation, this is about creating balance in your body and spirit. To get the balance back, it’s good to focus on the disbalance. What can be the reason you’re feeling out of balance these days? If you have long working days, you can create balance by having as a counterpart relaxing activities. To get those areas in balance, you have to act consciously and you have to deal with the energy you have inside yourself.

How do you find your balance?
Think about the disbalance, what is causing this? Also think of an appropriate counterpart to the imbalance, this has to be achievable for yourself. For example, when you have worked hard and long for weeks without any relaxation one day resting can’t be enough to get into balance again. It’s also important to be consciously with the activity’s you attempt. You’ve to feel what a day of resting is doing to you. Observe if you’re actually feeling more relaxed and if you’re feeling more in balance after you did something to create balance in your daily life.


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