Two weeks ago I was on the verge of a new adventure. A week touring through Norway in an old timer. Everyday would be different: a different route, a different hotel and new assignments. Scary!

The beginning
The boat trip was a good warm-up. It was a great way to get to know the group. There was beer and there were no assignments yet, so everyone was relaxed. We went to bed early, since the next morning we had to wake up early.

The assignments we would get were the scariest for me. I did not know what would happen, except that there would be crazy, frustrating and tricky assignments for which I would have to get out of my comfort zone.

The assignments
To give an idea of ​​the assignments, the first thing was: drive your oldtimer into the showroom of the brand’s dealer and take a picture. We arrived at the Ford dealer, it was a very fancy one so we had to ask the owner by forehand. I was really nervous, but we did it and it was so cool!

Also, I had to try on a wedding dress and video tape it saying: “Yes Huib, I do!” The man was part of our group and married for 19 years. At the end of the day, everyone had to hand in their video. To give you an idea of ​​how difficult it was to accomplish: 7 out of 9 teams did not have women in their team and at a bridal booth you have to schedule an appointment by forehand.  

Another assignment was that we had to ski behind the car. That is so difficult when you are with only the two of you! One on skis and the other person driving the car and filming.

These are just a few examples of the assignments. Next to the assignments we also had to solve Norwegian puzzles.

The days went by very fast
On the one hand, the days were long, but on the other hand the days passed by so quickly. We spent about eight hours in the car everyday. We could follow each other through a tracker so occasionally we took a coffee break together and enjoyed the view. It was so nice and hilarious to fulfill the assignments together with the other teams, like skiing behind the car. Fortunately, we still have the videos!

The only thing I disliked about the trip is that people told me that my partner was following me so much. It almost felt like I was obliged to explain that he was doing that for me. That he was not following me, but that I was clamping onto him. He was my only stable factor this holiday. But did I really want to explain this to people who I did not know that well? After two days of pondering, I decided that I did not have to tell them. Fortunately, S. thought the same and he was OK with people thinking that he was ‘sticky’. I was really relieved that it did not matter to him.

How I look back on the week
I am very proud of myself. A year ago I would never have done it. I was afraid of new things. I believe it is a really big step for me, another step in the right direction. I could not have done it any better. I went, even though it was easier to stay at home. I had so much fun, just as I hoped. And I did the assignments how I wanted to do them and have no regrets! I could not have had a better week.

A lot of people supported me. Not only my partner, but also my parents, my dear friend R. and my girlfriends J. and M. I even miss Norway, it is so beautiful there.

The song of this week is Trying not to love you from Nickelback. I heard this song a couple of times when we drove the car. It is a beautiful song and I tried not to fall in love with Norway. Happened anyway.

And maybe another nice thing: my partner and I did not fight in the car, we are sitting next to each other on the couch as we speak :-). I think this holiday made us even closer because we really took time for each other. I am looking forward to our next experience!

Love, Renée x

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