Losing weight during the festivities, is it possible?
Losing weight during the festivities, is it possible?

Do you ever skip a party because you are trying to lose some weight? Too bad! That is not the intention of your diet. You want to have fun, you do not want to be worrying about your weight! Thank god you can also lose some weight and have fun! We will give you some tips.

Ain’t no party, like an alcoholic party

At parties, alcohol is probably the biggest challenge when it comes to your diet. Alcohol are  empty calories and extracts nutrients that can slow down your metabolism. Choose  the right drink, a cocktail contains a lot more kilocalories and sugars than a glass of wine. For beer goes: how darker the beer, the more kilocalories it has. And as for wine, the best choice is a dry and white one. You could also choose to make alcohol mixtures using diet sodas, however you should be careful since the alcohol might hit in faster.

Of course, the best option is to avoid alcoholic beverages completely. But if that does not work for you, try to start drinking a little later and vary with water or diet sodas.

A party without cake is just a meeting

Next to alcohol, cake also contains a lot of kilocalories. Arrive at the party a little later, if you think you are not strong enough to reject the cake. You should never feel guilty for rejecting cake, nobody (except maybe you) will care. Tell the host that you have been trying so hard to lose some weight and you do not want to quit now. However, if you decide to take a piece of cake, you can adjust your food intake for the rest of the day. Take a little less rice with your dinner, skip dessert or snack less. This way it will not harm your diet too much!

Avoid snacking

A beer in one hand and a snack in the other, will that be you? When you are trying to lose some weight, it is better to choose between those two. If you go all out now, the week of hard work would be for nothing. Distract yourself and get as far away from the snacks as possible. Focus on other stuff, for example the happiness and the latest news from your friends and family!

Midnight snacks

Alcohol triggers your appetite, so that might be the reason why you feel hungry after a night out. Next to that, you feel tired so your midnight snack will probably not be a culinary delight. Midnight snacks mostly contain a lot of fats. Alcohol will make the liver work harder, eating fatty food will only make this worse. It will have a distorting effect on the fat metabolism, so it is not so healthy and not diet proof! Choose for something light, like an apple or a banana.

The right mindset

Make sure you are going to a party with the right mindset. Stop thinking: ‘There is alcohol and cake at the party, that would ruin my diet.’ And start thinking: ‘A party will be fun, it will distract me from chocolate cravings and I will have a good time.’ The long term goal of losing weight for most people is to be happy and healthy, keep this goal in mind. Skipping parties might help you to lose some weight, but it will distract you from your end goal.

So: let’s get the party started!

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