A lot of stress is caused by not having enough structure in your life. Structure can be found in different things, from making your bed to writing down what to do today. Often you are too busy to think about self care and how to get structure in your day. Because of this you become stressed and frustrated. Creating rest and regulation is the right thing to do, but it requires discipline. We will help you! 

Most people get down on the couch after a long workday and only get off when they are going to bed. Of course, it can be relaxing, but doing fun activities will decrease your stress-level in the long term. Also taking the time to organize can be good. For example cleaning up your house, after this you will feel satisfied and more relaxed!

Rituals for regulation
Rituals are important. However, people tempt to forget this or do not want to spend time on it, they believe it is too time consuming. Rituals can be different for every person. An example of a ritual can be drinking a cup of coffee to start the day. Other rituals are; taking a hot shower before you are going to sleep or pampering your body with bodylotion. Also exercising can be a ritual, it provides a clear mind and boosts your energy level. By performing these rituals you create structure in your life, this causes you to feel more relaxed.

Plan your day
All these rituals sound nice, but how can you make sure you actually have time for it? Planning ahead helps you to organize your day. Stress is caused by not being able to finish your to do’s and this can be caused by a lack of planning. The best way to make a planning is to write down the important things you need to finish and schedule time blocks. Be realistic, ask yourself: ‘is this doable?’ By doing so, you prevent unnecessary stress and disappointments.

Still some unfinished tasks at the end of the day? Try to think positive; tomorrow is a new day. Start the new day with a new planning. Reflect on your day, how did you experience it and did you finish everything you wanted?

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