Strange but true: Measuring progression independently causes progress in the subject you’re measuring. Of course, you can benefit from this interesting mechanism if you want to improve yourself!

Health benefits

Researchers (Bravata et al., 2007) found that when participants were asked to wear a pedometer to count their steps, the distance they walked increased by 1 mile in comparison with how much they walked before. Overall, activity increased by 27 percent, lowering blood pressure and Body Mass Index (BMI). This demonstrates the positive impact of such a small adjustment on one’s health.

Stand up!

Going to the gym doesn’t make you healthier when you are inactive for the rest of the day sitting behind a desk or on the couch. Keep moving throughhout the day by pausing every other 20 minutes, and get up from your seat for at least 2 minutes. Take a walk to the printer, visit your colleague and get some fresh air during lunch break. This will also benefits your focus and therefore your productivity. Every step counts!

Measuring is knowing

When you measure your progress, it’s a lot easier to determine specific goals. You can view your progress every time you make a better choice that makes you move more. Soon, you can see that it matters to walk to the supermarket instead of going by car. Invite your social surroundings to support you in order to create a motivating environment. This way, persisting in your goals becomes much easier!

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