Online help with depressive mood and anxiety complaints: how did you experience it?
Online help with depressive mood and anxiety complaints: how did you experience it?

Marijn is 24 years old and lives in Amersfoort. He has just completed the second year of his study Social Work. In his free time he likes to do fitness and likes to travel. For a few months now he feels that it is all a bit too much and decides to seek help. He ends up at NiceDay.

How did you end up at NiceDay?

Google! I first had contact with the Luisterlijn and they advised me to seek help via internet. Then I went Googling and I found NiceDay. I had downloaded the app and sent a message. You responded quickly! Unlike other companies with a similar concept …

Can you tell something more about your complaints?

I suffered from complaints that are linked to being depressed. Those complaints became more and more severe. I was tired, sad and gloomy. I was not feeling well, I did not want to leave my room and my boyfriend noticed that I gave him little attention. In addition, I no longer went to school to follow my lessons. This did not affect my grades, because I studied at home, for example. I also pushed my friends aside. Sometimes I did not see them for months, while I am a person who likes to meet up with friends. After a few months I noticed that I needed help.

What did you think when you first heard about 100% online treatment?

I work at Slachtofferhulp myself and we also mainly have digital contact or through the phone.This works very well from my own experience so I was confident!

How did you feel after the first interview?

Relieved! I could finally express my bottled up feelings and it felt very good.

How did you experience the digital treatment?

Very nice. Our conversations were about things that I did not see clearly. Because of my coach and online psychologist Sarah I now have a more realistic view of the world. You don’t always have to be fine. And I don’t have to be good at everything. I know that now. In addition, the documents and the articles that I received are also useful. You can see your entire trajectory in the app.

How did you use the NiceDay app, besides calling and chatting?

I used the diary function to track how I felt at a certain moment. If I wasn’t feeling well, I registered that. By using the diary function, I had a moment during the day to think where certain thoughts and feelings came from. In this way my online psychologist could also read what was going on in my daily life. And of course think along with me!

Have you been in mental healthcare before?

Yes. When I was 18 years old I was treated for complaints related to being depressed and anxiety complaints. The advantage of NiceDay is that the process takes place online, which means that you do not have to leave the house. You can get help while being in your own environment. That’s nice too.

What did you learn from coach and online therapist Sarah?

I learned from Sarah that I don’t have to be constantly busy. I am always busy with school, work, sports and friends, but that doesn’t have always have to be the case. Furthermore, it is ok to not feel ok and you do not have to pretend that everything is going well. You don’t always have to keep going. I also learned that it is good to think where certain feelings and thoughts come from.

Would you recommend NiceDay to others?

Hell yes! I have already recommended it to a number of friends. It is easily accessible and of short duration. You have results before you even know it. Time flies! It is the small half-hour (in which you have contact with your coach) in the week that makes everything great.

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