The Dutch Week without Meat started. People tend to believe that the vegetarian cuisine is boring and meat seems to be the main part of every dish, but there are so many healthy and tasty vegetarian recipes! We imagine that this is new to you and that you need some inspiration. We share our top five vegetarian food bloggers to help you a little.

1. De Hippe Vegetariër
As the initiator of the Week without Meat, Isabel of the Hippe Vegetarier can not be missed in this list. On her website she shares many vegetarian recipes, hotspots, vegetarian products and health facts. Also interesting: on her website you can also find tips for vegetarian hotspots abroad!

Who says you can not combine strength training and a plant based diet does not know Squatcilla. On her blog she breaks the negative stigma about veganism, she shares delicious recipes and gives more information about a plant based diet in combination with strength training.

3. Pick up Limes
Sadia from Pick up Limes comes from Canada, has Afghan roots and now lives with her boyfriend in the Netherlands. This lady has been abroad, and that reflects in her recipes! She is a graduated dietician and has been following a plant based diet since 2014. She has therefore gained enough knowledge to share healthy and tasty recipes with you! We are a fan.

Claire Codi
Claire also eats vegan. On her blog she shares delicious plant based recipes, but also information about plant based beauty products and sustainable clothing. And clearly that does not have to be old-fashioned! Well done, Claire.

Deliciously Ella
Ella is an English foodblogger. Next to her blog she also has her own cookbooks, granola and energy balls. Her website is full of recipes, from vegan bacon to plant based easter eggs, name it and she has it!

Who is your favorite food blogger?

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