Podcasts that are worth listening to
Podcasts that are worth listening to

Podcasts have become increasingly popular in recent years. You can listen to it when you are sitting on the couch at home, when you are on the train or cycling from A to B. In addition, you can always listen, pause and resume whenever you have some time. Podcasts can be compared to radio broadcasts and it is possible for everyone to rent a space to record a podcast if you would like to. This is a way to express yourself or to delve deeper into a topic. There are so many podcasts out there and there is probably a podcast about every topic you can think of!

There are times when you are at home and just don’t feel like Netflix, reading or painting. Then listening to a podcast can be a great way to relax or laugh out loud without having to make too much effort for the activity. Some people also like having a sound in the background when they are busy with household chores for example. Interested? Give the following podcasts a try!

The ‘Dertigers dilemma’ 

Jelmer de Boer has a conversation with Nienke Wijnants, author of the famous book about the ‘Dertigers dilemma’. They talk extensively about the question of whether millennials are spoiled or not. The podcast is 1.5 hours (but you don’t realize that because Nienke talks pretty well and has interesting things to say) and as a listener you are really stimulated to think about life and its meaning. In addition, explanations are given about why many people in their twenties and thirties feel that they are not happy even though they have achieved a lot in their lives. Nienke explains how she came up with the term “thirty-something dilemma” twenty years ago and how important it is in our current society. Highly recommended!


Esther Perel is a psychotherapist who has recently gained a lot of fame on the subject of (modern) relationships, infidelity, security and sexuality. She was also featured in ‘Zomergasten’, a Dutch television programme broadcast each summer by public broadcaster VPRO, last summer. Where should we begin is a well-known podcast with three seasons in which she always talks to couples from all over the world. She has a conversation with the couples and during the conversation it becomes increasingly clear to the couples what they encounter when it comes to developed patterns. It is a popular podcast because the talks are instructive and inspiring. In addition, it can also be nice to know that no relationship is perfect while on the outside it may seem that way.

True story

We end this list with a special podcast; stories read from teen diaries. On a small stage, people tell funny, special or moving stories about what they have experienced themselves.

Have fun listening!

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