You must have given a presentation once in your life for a group of people. A lot of people find it scary to do. There is a difference, of course,  between how scary someone thinks it is. Giving a presentation is something most of us only do when we are forced. Being nervous is something that comes with it, but how does this feeling come to you? And what can you do about it?

If you are nervous you can get a feeling of anxiety. Because of this feeling you only pay attention to yourself. You are focused on how you feel, how other people react or how you interpret other people’s reactions, and you wonder if you are talking loud enough. In short: you are thinking too much during the presentation. This thinking does not help you get rid of the anxious feelings.

Tips to relax
Why do you think it is scary to do? What are you most afraid of? Will you still suffer from this in a year?

  1. Do not prepare the presentation in details
    If you prepare the presentation in details you are going to focus only on what you have to say. If you forget something you, you will panic. This is because you are trying to remember what to say according to your preparations. When you do not prepare the text in detail but only figure out what you want to say, you may feel more relaxed. Try to write down statements, rather than the whole story!
  2. Doing your best is good enough
    Often people strive to a super performance. However, try to satisfied with the result. You are doing your best! Remember that no presentation can be perfect, there are always things that could have been ‘better’ or ‘different’. This brings us to the next point.
  3. Accept that there can be criticism on your presentation
    Not everybody has to like your presentation. Do not take it personal. Everybody has another opinion and everyone is free too have one.
  4. Practicing
    By practicing a lot you will gain more feeling for presenting. Because of this you will get more confidence and the anxiety will decrease.
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