Everybody needs some relaxation from time to time, one way or another. For one person that is exercising, for the other it is knitting. Anyway, we all need something to distract us from daily life. Just some me-time.

For me a day in the spa is the ultimate relaxation. Preferably with my best friend or father. But I also enjoy going there alone. A day without obligations and without my phone. Just a moment for myself, wonderful.

The first time after therapy

Last monday I went to the spa again. A day to De Zwaluwhoeve in Hierden with my friend. There were a lot of cars parked in front of the building. We look at each other hoping that it is less crowded inside. We came here to escape from the crowd! It is even the reason we go there on mondays.

But once we get inside we can see that it is okay. We put our stuff in the lockers and walk inside. We see beautiful saunas, great pools and also the restaurants look fine.

The first sauna we enter feels great in terms of temperature. I lie down and hope to find relaxation today. The last time I came here I was in the middle of therapy and I was not able to sit still and relax. My thoughts were everywhere but here and I left still feeling tired.

However this time I could relax, although it felt a little awkward. It has been so long since I allowed my muscles to relax. I started to think that this is the day it might actually happen!

Chitchatting and wine

We alternate saunas with pools and smoothies. Later on the day we start to feel hungry. Time for prosecco and some good food! We toast on taking rest and on our friendship.

After eating it is time for another round. We start drinking wine, that is part of our sauna experience. And after the wine we decide to go outside and swim in the salt water pool. Which was not a good idea! We suddenly realised we had to get out there to get our towels and it was so cold!

When we left we decided that we have to do this more often. One day away from the outside world,  it was wonderful!

The men around me

Most men do not like to knit. However, my father really enjoys going to the sauna. My partner on the other end relaxes by assembling kits, fussing around a bit.

Relaxation for me and my partner together is the motor. A day off, getting an ice cream at the beach, go out with friends or just a simple motor ride. Music on and enjoying the view and each other.

Seeking relaxation

It might be hard to find something you like to do. Ask around what your friends and family do to relax. Is it reading a book or making puzzles? Or maybe you like to get outside, like cycling, lying down at the beach or dining out.

This week I choose a song I wanted to share for a while already, but it never corresponded with my blog posts. It is JP Cooper  – Passport home. This song calms me down and makes me smile, because the chorus suits me so well.

Love, Renée x

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