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Learning to relax by tightening your muscles? Is that even efficient? Yes it is! A lot of people are not aware of their tense posture. By tightening yourself and letting this tense go, you feel more relaxed. With this exercise we want to help you relax! .

This exercise is all about tightening and relaxation of your arms:

  • First make a fist of your right hand. Squeeze it for 10 seconds , after that let it go. Concentrate now on your right hand, what do you feel?
  • Do the same thing with your left hand. Make a fist, and hold it tight for 10 seconds. After that let it go. Concentrate now on the left hand, what are you feeling?
  • Now make a fist of both hands. Hold the tense 10 seconds and let go. Now, relax  your fingers and forearms. Focus on this feeling!
  • The next step is to do the same with you biceps. Press your forearms against your upper arms. Do not tense your hands while doing this, do not make a fist. Repeat this, afterwards relax your arms. Focus on the feeling!
  • Now it is the turn of your triceps. Tighten your triceps by stretching your arms downwards. Feel the tension, after that relax and repeat it!
  • Last but not least, relax entirely. Relax your arms, shoulders and fingers. Put your arms beside your body and try to relax. Breathe in and out and feel the relaxation. If you like it you can close your eyes or put relaxing music on.

Whenever you feel tense you can apply this exercise. It is a short exercise but you can feel more relaxed afterwards immediately. You can apply during multiple  situations like during work or in the train. When you notice this exercise suits you, you can discuss it with your Coach and apply it into your week.  Good luck!

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Selin Colakhasanoglu

Coach. Walks together with you to achieve your goals. Loves to play the piano, to travel and different cultures.

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