As of today the winter has started. The summer offers the most fruits, but also in the winter there is enough choice. Why you should choose for seasonal fruits? It is fresh, and because of its shorter decomposition process the fruits maintain more vitamins and minerals. Next to that, it is even more delicious! We will give you some examples of winter fruits.

Apple with cinnamon, typical for the winter! Apples grow all year round, so it is also in the winter a good choice. Apples contain vitamin C, but their biggest benefit is the amount of fibers and potassium. Fibers are good for your bowels and work satisfying. Potassium is good for your fluid balance and can lower your blood pressure.

Also bananas contain a lot of fibers and potassium. Bananas are, in comparison to other fruits, calorie dense and they contain relatively more sugars. That is why bananas are a good choice before working out.

Mandarins are ideal for winter! This is because of its high amounts of vitamin C. Vitamin C increases your resistance, so you will be less vulnerable to catch a cold or the flu. Next to that, you need vitamin C to absorb iron. An iron deficiency can cause fatigue. Also, mandarins do not contain that many calories and do contain a lot of fibers, which makes them a great snack!

When you think about mangos, you probably think about something tropical. But mangoes also go well in winter! Mangoes also contain more calories than other fruits, but also contain a lot of vitamin A and vitamin C. Both are antioxidants increasing your resistance. Next to that vitamin A contributes to a healthy and glowy skin, which you can use during the cold months in winter.

Just like other fruits, pears contain vitamin C and fibers. Next to that, pears can help your breathe during a cold. This is because it dissolves mucus. And pears contain some copper too. A copper deficiency can cause anemia, so pears will help prevent this!

What is your favorite fruit?

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