Showing support when someone has a burnout
Showing support when someone has a burnout

What is a burnout?

Burnout is literally an exhaustion of resources. This happens physiological as much as psychological over and extended period of time. Burnout rises from extended, excessive and repeated stress that your body tries to adapt until it reaches it limits. Unfortunately this leads people to be unable to use their bodies and minds anymore. The immune system is vulnerable as well which makes the impact even bigger. Perfectionists and ambitious people are more at risk to develop a burnout. The stress doesn’t always have to be work related. Relationship or marital problems can also be the cause of repeated stress.

What does a person feel when they suffer from a burnout?

A person can feel exhausted and hyperactive or only exhausted. Burnout disrupts the natural process of the stress system by inducing a sustained over-production of cortisol. This happens when there is a daily amount of exposure to stress and it affects the system in unhealthy way. That is why a lot people who suffer from a burnout don’t have the energy to be active or to be able to concentrate anymore. As a consequence it makes a person more vulnerable for a depression.

How to support?

  • Try to listen and show compassion when the other tells you about their symptoms. Simply chatting about the symptoms and the way a person suffers from it in their daily life can often bring relief.
  • Ask what a person needs from you.
  • Try to be as supportive as possible and show that you have trust in the other person
  • Healing from a burnout can be a long process. This process can take a long time. That’s why it’s important to be aware of the small steps in the right direction. A lot of people are focused on the outcome, but that’s not very helpful in most cases
  • Lookout for your own health. If you feel like your getting exhausted by helping someone in your inner circle with a burnout, seek for mental health
  • It’s important to realise that only the person who’s dealing with a burnout can help themselves. You can show support, listen to the other but at the end of the day it’s all about setting boundaries

What are the dont’s?

  • Don’t judge or give advice about what to do. This can make the other feel insecure
  • Don’t put pressure when someone is not ready yet
  • Don’t point out the mistakes the other is making. It’s not helpful and try to point out the positive steps they’re making

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