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Do you have trouble finding energy? Or do you have trouble with falling asleep? Maybe the old knowledge of Feng Shui will help you with that. According to this knowledge you have to think about how to decorate a room and how the energy flows into the room. We will tell more about this flow, reorganisation and how you can apply it into your daily life.

If you want something new in life, you have to make space for that ~ Feng Shui

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a very old Chinese knowledge. It is also called the flow of Qi, it is an energy flow. The meaning of this is that the energy will flow optimally through spaces and your life. Because of this, more health and happiness is achieved. It is important that energy can flow through the space. When you notice that the energy can not flow freely, you need to analyse why. Solutions can be reorganizing your room/home/office.

Reorganizing your room

We will explain how reorganize your bedroom. Starting off with your bed, make sure that you can see the door of the room from your bed. If this is not possible, you can place mirrors so you can see the door through the mirror. However, make sure you do not see yourself in the mirror. It is also important that you do not block the flow, so do not place the bed right in front of the door or below the window. Placing the same stuff next to your bed on both sides creates balance and togetherness. Whenever you have two bedside tables, place two of the same lamps on this tables.  

To get a good night sleep you can paint the bedroom walls. Colors like light blue, yellow, lavender, white or light green have a relaxing effect. Place no equipment, like a television or a computer, in the bedroom. And last but not least, cleaning up is important! This causes discipline and purity. If you wake up in a messy room your energy level is hampered.

Is your bedroom Feng Shui? 

NiceDay: plan a moment to reorganize your bedroom in your Daily Planner. Write the effects of it in the diary.

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