Start working out again with these motivational tips
Start working out again with these motivational tips

Do you have the intention to start or restart exercising, but lose motivation after one week of working out? Would you like to know how to push yourself to persevere this time? Starting to work out is one thing, making it a habit is another. We share some tips with you to guide you through the times you need it the most. Keep on reading!

Set goals

Make sure that you set goals, so you know where you’re doing it for. Make the goals as specific as possible, it gets easier when you notice quick results. Ask yourself: what is it exactly what I want to achieve? How and when am I going to achieve that? For example: ‘I want to lose 2kg. Today I start with joining a weekly group training at my gym. In four weeks I have reached my goal.’

Start small

Sometimes we want want too much too quick. Try to find a pace that fits you and that you can stick with. If you aim too high, you can lose your motivation because it’s just too hard. For instance: Start with going to the gym just once a week. Or just a 5 to 10 minutes walk a day is fine too. It’s all about what works for you! When it’s too easy, just challenge yourself!

Make yourself a ‘plan of action’

When you join a group training this is not really an issue, but when you’re doing it all by yourself it’s good to have a decent plan or program to work on. This also contributes to making your goals specific!

Sport together

Because working out together makes working out a lot more fun! It also contributes to a group feeling, that in its turn enhances motivation. Peer pressure will likely motivate you to go to the gym, even when you’re not feeling like it.

Find intrinsic motivation

Try to find or develop intrinsic motivation to work out. Intrinsic motivation is motivation from within, where you feel satisfaction when certain behavior arises. Peer ‘pressure’ will not always be there to keep you moving. Sometimes you have to push yourself by saying: ‘ I can do this!’, or: ‘No one’s going to stop me, not even me!’. After your training you’ll feel proud of yourself that you did this all by yourself!

Plan your workouts

Plan your workouts on set moments during the day or week. This way, it gets part of your routine and in time you don’t even have to remember yourself, because it’s all in your system. No sweat!

Reward yourself

When you achieve a goal, give yourself some reward that’s worth it. Not particularly something big, but just a treat like shopping or a healthy snack. Give yourself some acknowledgement and appreciation for your efforts and the hard labor that you did in order to achieve your goals. Good job!

NiceDay: Plan your training sessions in your daily planner to have a reminder and keep you motivated. Write in your diary how you feel before and after the work-out.

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