Stress: a common word in today’s society. You hear about the annoying effects of stress and the harm it can cause. What is often forgotten is that there are multiple forms of stress. You can distinguish positive stress from negative stress, but there are also various forms of stress within those two. In this blog post we share which different forms of stress there are, which forms are unhealthy and which ones are actually good for you.

Do not stress, it’s positive stress!

First let’s start with the positive forms of stress. This form of stress is essential for a human being: it ensures that the body is put in a proper state of readiness for optimal performance.

Consider, for example, the stress you experience when you have to give an important presentation, or when you have to play an all-deciding match. This form of positive stress is often experienced as unpleasant stress. But in fact, this form of stress does ensure that your body is ready enough to perform at the highest possible level. For example, consider the positive type of stress as exam stress or sports stress.

Even though it is very annoying, it is a mechanism of your body to ensure that you ultimately perform better.

I’m going on holiday and I take with me: holiday stress

Yes, everyone once experienced it: holiday stress. Something you try to prevent at all times, but you almost never succeed in. Because what if you’ve forgotten something, and you are 3,000 km away from home?

Many people suffer from it. It is a form of stress that actually comes from luxury, but is part of planning your holiday. The better it is when you arrive at your holiday destination and you have not forgotten anything, right?

Negative stress

But besides positive stress, there are also forms of negative stress that can actually have negative consequences on you as a person. Negative stress is a form of stress that you can do very little or nothing about (at least, that’s what you think in the first instance). Think of increased work pressure, financial stress or relationship stress.

Too many of these forms of stress can cause chronic stress or even a burnout. It is therefore important that you acknowledge these forms of stress in time so that you can do something about it.

Read more about negative and positive stress here!


After all that talking about various forms of stress, it is now time to talk about de-stressing. I can use that, after all that talking!

There are different ways to de-stress. This also depends on personality. One person relaxes when he or she starts exercising; another just by plopping on the couch, turning on his or her favorite series and taking a hot cup of tea (or coffee!).

A precise way to help you relax: there’s no such thing. Try to do what feels right for you. Do you want to play music and scream? Do it! Nothing is too crazy if in the end you have a NiceDay. 😉

NiceDay App

It is of course possible that you have difficulty dealing with stressful experiences, or dealing with any other form of stress (financial, work or otherwise related). In that case you could follow a course ‘dealing with stress’. Download the NiceDay app and work with a coach to tackle your stress!

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