In the Netherlands we have a lot of ways to refer to breaks: coffeebreak, tea break, walking break, smoking break and of course lunch break. But what exactly are the benefits of taking a break on your physical and mental health? Will  you be more productive or is it just an excuse to escape your work for a while? All these questions will be answered in this article!

Why you should take breaks 

You might recognize this ; you experience a hectic day at work and there are many tasks on your to-do list. You prefer to finish  all these tasks and that is why taking a break seems to be a waste of your time. However, taking a break is crucial. Taking a small break like walking away from your workplace will make you more productive. The work satisfaction will increase as well because you will feel energized and motivated to complete your workday successfully. In addition, taking breaks is beneficial for your social life: you are probably not the nicest person on earth once you get home after a stressful workday. You will certainly notice the physical and mental difference once you start giving yourself several small breaks during the day. 

New ideas and insights

In many jobs it is a must to work in an innovative and creative way. However, it is not always possible to come up with new and creative ideas and sometimes you feel like your mind is a blank space. In this case, the best thing you can do  is to engage in a task that is not related to work or to the problem that you are trying to solve. Refresh your mind by going for a walk and you will see that your creative mind gets a boost. It is all about leaving your workplace for a moment to give your brain some rest.

Taking short breaks between work has many positive effects: it is beneficial for your physical and mental well-being and it has a positive effect on job satisfaction. So please do not feel guilty whenever you take a break from your workplace a few times a day!


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