Tea is a widely consumed drink. Next to water it’s the most drunk drink! There are different kinds of tea, like: black tea, green tea and white tea. But what are the differences between those teas? And what are the health benefits?

Different kinds of tea

Black tea is the most consumed tea, but also contains the most caffeine. Green tea contains a lot of antioxidants and less caffeine, which makes it a healthier choice. However, white tea is the healthiest one. This is because white tea isn’t fermented. Teas get fermented by steaming in a moist environment. Because of this it loses some of its nutrients.

Stay hydrated

Don’t like water? Tea can be the solution! Drinking tea helps you to stay hydrated. And on top of that, it’s better than drinking soda since there is no sugar in tea (unless you add some). Tea also contains minerals and antioxidants, these are good for your body too. Water and sodas contain less of those nutrients.

Healthy by drinking some tea

Drinking tea contributes to better health and wellbeing. For example, drinking black or green tea lowers the blood pressure and drinking green tea lowers cholesterol. Also, tea contains flavonoids, an antioxidant which boosts your resistance. Black and green tea contain most flavonoids.

Tea time

It’s best to drink tea in between meals since tea contains a chemical compound that affects the absorption of the nutrients in your food. Next to that, tea contains caffeine. It contains less caffeine than coffee, however, when you’re sensitive to caffeine you should not drink tea before going to bed. Instead there are some herbal teas without caffeine, which are just as tasty!

NiceDay: Try to drink a few cups of tea per day, please note that you do not drink too strong tea. You can plan this in your Daily Planner, this ensures that Niceday reminds you of drinking tea!

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