Being happy can be learned. For example, taking a walk or having a good conversation with a person. What might help as well to cheer yourself up is listening to music. You hear music everyday and it stimulates your good luck hormone.

Can I live without music?

I can not imagine a life without music. Listening and playing music during cooking, learning and traveling is something that I enjoy. It gives me a feeling of rest and I can concentrate better on the tasks that I am doing. Also I find it less inconvenient to do these tasks if I listen to music. I think it creates ambiance. Furthermore, I grew up with music: I started with playing the violin when I was six and continued until I was twelve years old. I stopped and I began with playing the piano.

Where is music good for?

Music works therapeutic, in different forms of therapy  they use music to decrease complaints. Research shows that listening to music makes sure you do not focus on the negative stimuli but you are focussing more on the positive. Furthermore, music can relieve pain, can positively affect your concentration and your brain will produce the feel-good drug dopamin. Dopamin makes sure that you will feel good again.


Listening to music makes you move faster. Also listening to music while you are exercising makes sure that you stay motivated and keep on moving. Moreover, music can work as meditation: Music intricate your brainwaves, so it looks like you are in meditation. This is because your brain waves create a rhythm that looks like meditation.

How can you listen to music?

Nowadays you can listen to music everywhere. You can put music on your phone, listen to it through your pc or you can listen to music while you are driving the car. There is prove that when you listen everyday for one hour, you can get the feeling of more strength and decrease the feelings of pain and your depressive feelings.

NiceDay: listen to some music and describe its effects in your NiceDay diary.

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Selin Colakhasanoglu

Coach. Walks together with you to achieve your goals. Loves to play the piano, to travel and different cultures.

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