These 4 tips ensure a greater sense of happiness
These 4 tips ensure a greater sense of happiness

You may have read about the effect of a gratitude diary: a notebook (or app) in which you, for example, write down 5 things every morning and evening for which you are grateful. By focusing on what you do have, what is going well and the nice people you have around you, your sense of happiness grows. But in addition to this tip, we have a few more for you!

  1. Life is not as heavy as it seems:

    Our thoughts easily get to us: “Pff, I really don’t feel it today, this will be a bad day.” and tada, at the end of the day it was a bad day. No matter how real these negative thoughts feel, they don’t have to make the truth. You determine what you think and to a large extent also how you feel. Your thoughts are super powerful, so try to evoke as many positive thoughts as possible and let the negative thoughts “pass” without attaching any value to them.

  2. Think about what is really important:

    You are pulled in all directions, your work, your relationship, friends, household, social media. It all feels equally important. But is it all really that important? What is important differs per person, but ask yourself: what do I want to spend my time and energy on? If I look back on my life later, what more could I have wanted to do? And on what should I have spend less time?

  3. Small steps, big result:

    Our daily life is busy, we want everything and that’s okay. But it can sometimes be overwhelming and this feeling makes you no longer know where to start. Try to ‘cut’ large projects / tasks or things that you don’t like in smaller steps. Ask yourself which small step you can take to make the situation a little better. Once you have taken the first step, you can ask yourself the question again. You go on and on! Problems seem (or are ultimately) less significant and this ensures that you experience less stress while you get more done. Win win!

  4. You can learn to accept:

    “Life comes as it comes”, “it is what it is” or “c’est ça”, all statements that indicate that you can’t change life. If you often wish it to be different, you experience stress and negative feelings (such as dissatisfaction). Acceptance of what is ensures peace in your life. This does not mean that you “always have to let everything happen”, it mainly means that you use the current moment as a starting point. It is how it is and that determines your next steps and actions. Less stress, less dissatisfaction, more rest!

A toolset

These tips are actually all “tricks” or “tools” that you can teach yourself. They help to put things into perspective, accept things. you can not change, be in the present and be grateful for what is nice in your life. It reduces stress and the chance of an “off day”  (because you will still have those sometimes!).

NiceDay actions

Keep your gratitude diary in NiceDay, write down what really matters to you and plan “small steps” on your daily planner. Also monitor your mood, hopefully these tips will ensure a positive mood! And don’t forget to share this article with someone who can also benefit from these tips!

Source :
SoChicken, Bohlmeijer, E.& Bolier, L. (2013). Handboek positieve psychologie. Theorie, onderzoek en toepassingen, Scientias
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