Having enough exercise reduces the risk on health complaints. It reduces the risk on mental complaints, like: depression and anxiety. Also, it improves your self esteem and promotes social contact. All very positive! However, it can be very hard to encourage yourself to work out. Maybe these tips will help you.

Well begun is half done

You have decided that you want to move more, next week or maybe next month. No.. that doesn’t work! For example, if you want to sport twice a week, start immediately. Go to the gym for just half an hour to start with. It is not necessary to stay for two hours. Start small, it will be fun!

Choose fixed moments

To create a new habit, it’s important to plan time for this habit in your daily routine. Find yourself some moments during a regular workweek. For example: twice a week after school or work. See what feels good for you and try to hold on to this. You will notice that after a few weeks this will start to feel good and it will make you want to exercise more often.

Enjoy the process

You probably have a goal in mind: lose weight or get stronger, all reasons to move more! A specific goal is always good, but you should also enjoy the process . Sport with your favourite music, exercise outside, try different things or sport together with others. Start easy, twice a week for 30 to 45 minutes is a good start!

Integrate moving in your daily activities

In order to achieve your goal, you do not necessarily have to go to the gym. Integrate movement as much as possible in your daily life. Take the stairs rather than the elevator, pick the bike more often, go for a nice evening walk or go for a walk after lunch.

Keep track of your progress

Every fitness influencer on Instagram posts before and after photos. In these pictures, their progress is clearly visible. You can do this too! Take photos of yourself when you start, and after a few weeks of exercise . Seeing the change stimulates you and keeps you on track.

Do you have any tips for someone who wants to move more?

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