Did you know that you dare more than you think? And did you know that if you dare more, you can do more? Being brave is something you can train, by doing more and trying. And by doing and trying more, you also learn more and you can do more. Are you still following me? I’ll explain!

You never know what you can accomplish until you try

Not daring often has to do with the fear of failure. And by not doing something, you indeed prevent making mistakes – but you also prevent yourself from gaining experience. Making mistakes is part of life, even if making mistakes is scary. Allow yourself to go make mistakes sometimes. Laugh about it and try again. Before you know it you have mastered something.

So, how do I develop courage?

“Easier said than done”, I hear you think. Below you will find three tips to start developing courage:

1. Follow your gut feeling

As soon as you find yourself in a new situation, you already feel the nerves bubbling up. You might also immediately hear the critical voice: “you can’t do this.” But in addition to that voice and fear you feel, you may feel something else. Curiosity or a strong “urge”? Listen to this! Your gut feeling tries to reach you, don’t let the sound of your critical voice win. Try to give your gut feeling space.

2. It’s the little things

Calling a restaurant, talking to someone to ask directions or eating something “exotic” that you have not tried before. These are the small steps outside of your comfort zone that will increase your courage. Doing things on your own, such as a city trip or trying out a new sport, also provides more courage. All these relatively small things have a big impact, try and see!

3. Surround yourself with brave people

Find someone who dares a lot. In the beginning this may feel a bit uncomfortable because it emphasised what you don’t dare, but give it a chance. Be inspired by the stories of others, without placing them on a pedestal. They cannot do everything and are also scared or shy in some situations. But, they do, they try and they have developed a lot of courage. If they can do it, you can do it too!

“I’ve never done it so I think I can.”

Pippi Longstocking

NiceDay actions

Plan something outside of your comfort zone on your Daily Planner, describe in advance how you think you will experience this and keep track of how you actually experienced it. Remember to take a look at the  differences! Do this more often and you will see your courage grow. If you need any support in developing courage, our NiceDay coaches can help! Want to know how? Read more about NiceDay coaching here. Good luck!

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