Having a relationship with another person (a partner, a best friend or a parent) is hard work. It will not always go smoothly and that’s okay, as long as you choose to go for it together. And although it is hard work sometimes, there of course some things you can keep in mind to ensure that you build healthy relationships. We share some tips with you!

  • Choose each other: This applies in particular to the relation with your partner, but is sometimes also applicable to friendships and family bonds. It is important to consciously choose each other, every time. After a setback, a change in life or after a rough period. Life moves in waves: ups and downs. If you want to throw in the towel at every “down”, you can ask yourself: “Do I still choose [name]?” In addition, it may be that shared interests disappear or that you start living further apart, these things don’t have to equal the end of the relationship. Certainly not! As long as you decide that the relationship is still worth choosing.
  • Communicate: If you have chosen each other then it is important to talk to each other about that setback, change or rough period. But also about your own developments, feelings and thoughts, no matter how trivial they sometimes seem. You are, in fact, no longer the same person as last month: you learn new things, meet new people and visit new places. This forms you. So keep talking!
  • Time and attention: Sometimes we are so busy with our job, sports, travel etc that we haven’t seen or talked to someone for a long time. Ask yourself, “Is this person important to me”? If the answer is yes, then it is also important to make time for each other. Plan ahead or video call each other! And when you are talking, then be really together. Attention to each other is essential.
  • Respect each other: No two people are the same. You may have many similarities, the same interests, the same education, group of friends or similar character, but you are and remain unique. Someone can make choices that you would not make that way. Try to respect each other. You don’t have to agree, but then agree to disagree and focus on things that go well between you.
  • Trust: Dare to open up. If you do so, you give the other person the space to do this as well. In addition, trust also means that you keep your word, so that the other person knows what he / she can expect from you. Of course this should also work like this the other way around!

Enjoy each other!

But above all, enjoy the people around you! Take them as they are and be yourself. The further you develop relationships, the more valuable they become. Not only for now, but also for later.

Do you have any tips for healthy relationships?


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