Train your attention with these tips
Train your attention with these tips

Maybe you will recognize this: it’s Monday morning and you open your mail. You read a message, you think about how you want to answer the email, and then you pick up your phone. You check the news, social media and before you know it, 10 minutes flew by. 

Why is it important to do everything step for step?

If you keep changing tasks, your brain will become increasingly fragmented. The problem is not the loss of time, but the loss of brain capacity.  Your brain has to switch constantly between your tasks. Part of our brain sticks to what we were doing before. The result is that with both activities you are not completely there with your attention.

Train your attention 

The solution is fairly simple: stop switching tasks and bring yourself back to what you were doing. We would like to share some practical tips to train your attention muscle.

Tip 1: put your telephone in a different room

It sounds very simple and yet this can help you to get rid of continuous distraction and temptation. If you need a phone at hand for your work, turn off as many notifications as possible. The chance that you will be distracted from an incoming message is less likely.

Tip 2: start working differently

Bundle your tasks. That gives peace and increases your productivity. An example of a working day: picking up writing tasks in the morning, handling phone calls in the afternoon and a meeting at the end of the afternoon.

Tip 3: don’t keep tasks in your head, write them down

Remove all major and minor tasks by putting them all on paper or on a digital task list. Checking your mail is also part of this. Don’t do it “in between”. The advantage of writing down your tasks: you don’t have to keep all your thoughts cramped in your head.

Tip 4: schedule blocks for your email

Often you are inclined to check your email during the day. Try to bundle this by making time in your agenda when you view your mail. For example at the end of your workday. This way you create more peace for yourself.

Tip 5: go for a walk during your breaks

Try to put away your phone as much as possible during your break and allow yourself some exercise. Or really try to enjoy your lunch instead of scrolling through instagram. Give your brain some rest from all the stimuli.

Advantages of one task at a time

Working on one task at a time has many advantages. It not only ensures a better concentration. Worrying and feelings of sadness can also decrease by doing things with more attention. This allows you to increase your sense of happiness.

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Do you want to read more about this topic? Then look at this blog for more information. Good luck!

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