Gut feeling, experiences, stories of friends: Everything affects how you deal with trust in other people.


I never trusted my friends completely. Always afraid that, as we would get along longer, they would need something of me (in the negative sense). There was always a conscious distance. I knew everything about the other, but did not share much about myself. Doing nice things together like sports, cooking, watching a movie or going out for drinks, I enjoyed that super much. However, I always made sure that it was as little as possible about me. About the others I often knew very much: How it generally went with them, but also more intimate topics such as family problems and mental struggles. They always came to me to talk because I would listen so well.

If the friendship became too close, I would choose to let someone go. I would seek less contact and eventually the friendship would fade. Then I did not have to be the one who had to explain why I did not want any contact and this gave me the feeling that it was closed from 2 sides without being the one to blame.


Also in love relationships I kept a certain distance because I always believed the other person to be untrue with me. Unfortunately, this often happend to be the case: My first boyfriend didn’t respect my boundaries (sexual abuse) and had someone on the side. The short relationships that followed were all the same: they all had contact with other women, cheated on me and put me aside like rubbish. As a result, I assumed in advance that it would end like this with every relationship. This is also the easiest way to deal with it. If men meet this expectation, the disappointment is less hard.

Learn to trust again

My first therapy round has certainly made me positive. R. did his best to show me that some of the men can be faithful and they do not always want anything in from me, in the negative way. With him we were able to give and take without taking advantage of me. I learned to see the good again in men. At that time, unfortunately, I did not have enough to hold this feeling. In my next relationship with S.L. it wrong again: He kept things from me, smaller things like him  smoking again and but  he was also talking about me with friends behind my back. He shared with others that it wasn’t going to well with me, something I shared with him inconfidence. While that was just what I wanted to keep to myself…

Positive today

When I got to know S.C, at a time where I was far more my self-confident, had more self-knowledge and found a way to the release parts of the past, everything seemed to be going so natural. Initially everything went by phone: we whatsapped day and night. I did my story and he told how about his life. The first time we saw each other was terribly exciting because you had shared so much about yourself without ever meeting in person. But also then I did not doubt his sincerity.

To date, I can say that I fully trust him, despite my uncertainties. And that feels so good! Now I also dare to give more in friendships and I put in more effort to keep those people in my life.

Trust starts with yourself, but it’s nice if the people you try to trust can confirm this without words. The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.

The song this week is: Seafret – Wildfire. This song is from the movie The Longest Ride. It was a beautiful Monday evening with stars in the sky, candles and S.C. had cooked deliciously. The movie ended with this song. That was the night that I realised that I fully trusted this man, an emotional moment that I will never forget.



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