Valentine’s Day is meant for everyone
Valentine’s Day is meant for everyone

Today is Valentine’s Day! You either love it or you’d just rather stay in bed watching Netflix. Some people dislike Valentine’s Day because they think it’s commercial nonsense or they dislike this day because they are single. It is true, Valentine’s Day is a day to please your partner or your secret lover, but this day also gives you the opportunity to spoil yourself! Valentine’s day is a day to give extra love to others and to receive love from others and in this article you will read tips so today can and will be fun for everyone.

1. Food is life

(Mostly) everyone loves food and food brings people together. When you are not in a relationship you can invite some friends to come over and ask them to bring some delicious food with them. In this way you will create a lovely feast. Surprise these friends with a red rose and a card with a sweet message. If you do have a partner, you can prepare his/hers favorite dish. If you don’t feel like cooking, you can order your partner’s favorite food as a surprise or you can take your lover out for dinner. Enjoy!

2. Me myself and I

No one will learn you how to love yourself apart from you. It is important to be kind to yourself everyday, but on Valentine’s Day you can spoil yourself a little extra. Eat your favorite food (even though it might not be that healthy) and buy that lovely perfume you have always wanted. Don’t hold yourself back on Valentine’s Day and be good to yourself.

3. Gratitude

Often we don’t pay a lot attention to the little things in life. But it is especially the little things that make life so special! Today is a good occasion to think about the things in life that you are grateful for. You can for example be grateful for the nice weather and sun rays we got the past couple of days or you can be grateful for a (work-related) opportunity which was given to you. You are also probably grateful for certain people in your life. Show your gratitude by writing a sweet card, letter or whatsapp message to them.

NiceDay: do not let Valentine’s Day pass you by and spread some love this day. Write down in your diary what this day means to you and how you envision Valentine’s Day.

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