Core stability

Do you want to start working out or do you want to get back in shape again? But you do not know where to start? This article gives you the answer: start training your core! You might have heard from the term ‘core’, but what does it mean exactly? Your core is the center of your body which exist of your back, abdomen and pelvis. In this article, you can read more about the benefits of training your core and which exercises are suited to achieve a well trained core!

Why should I start training my core?

The core is the center of your body and without this core you would not be able to get anywhere. The muscles of the core help you to perform everyday tasks such as lifting groceries or lifting a child. In fact, it is involved in every move you can think of.

In the gym, you also use your core for running, boxing and weight training. If your core muscles are well trained, you will be able to control your muscles and you are able to maintain your balance as well. When the muscles of your core are well trained, the chances of getting injuries will reduce and it can also reduce existing problems or injuries drastically. For these reasons it is important to train the muscles of the core well.

How do I achieve this?

You should realize that it takes time to achieve well developed core muscles, so it is important to take small steps. Your core exist of 29 muscles, it will therefore take some time to get there. It is important that you work on a better balance and on your strength. Try doing a bicep exercise while standing on one leg. Is this a challenge for you? No problem! Take your time to master the core exercises. Below you can read more exercises that help you develop a solid and well-trained core.

Core exercises

With the right exercises you can train your entire core in a good way and you also deal with and / or prevent existing back complaints. Read more about the right exercises below.

In this exercise you train your entire body with the focus on the abdominal muscles (both straight and oblique abdominal muscles) and the lower back muscles. Very easy to perform in the gym or at home!

The Superman
A simple exercise that is good for many muscle groups. In particular, you will feel the small and large buttocks and hamstring while performing this exercise. Just lie down on the floor, exhale and extend your right arm and your left leg. Then go back to the starting position. Now it is time to exhale again and stretch the other leg and arm out.

The leg exercise that consists of countless variations. With this exercise you train a large part of your body, and you also work on your coordination, balance, flexibility and posture! During the squat you use multiple muscle groups in one movement. You train your leg muscles (hamstring, gluteal muscles, calves and quadriceps), your back muscles and abdominal muscles. Make sure that your knees do not pass your toes during squatting and your upper body is still upright.


NiceDay: Do you want to train or do you want to improve your core muscles? Then plan an activity in NiceDay and write down in your diary how it was for you to train your core. What went well and what could have gone better?

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