Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. Maybe there is no special person in your life right now and you felt a little (extra) lonely yesterday. But you are not alone! About 45% percent of Dutch households in 2017 were single (AD, 2017) and that amount will even increase in the upcoming year. Is it really that bad to be single?

Somehow we believe that we are ‘alone’ when we are not in a romantic relationship. Science disproves it; singles tend to have closer relationships with other people (like parents, siblings, friends and neighbours) than people who are in a relationship. Singles do not necessary have more friends, but the friendships they have are stronger. On top of that, singles also seem to be more helpful than people who are in a relationship (Kreschner, 2015)!

Not everyone who is single is lonely; not everyone who is taken is in love.

Rather single?
Being single does not seem like a problem to most of us anymore. British research (Mintel, 2017) shows that 61% of women prefers to be single, compared to 49% of men. Only a quarter of single women is looking for a relationship; men are more eager to find their significant other, 65% of men is looking for a partner. Looks like we got better at being ‘alone’!

Dream big, work hard
Did you know that singles are more satisfied with their job than married people are? Job satisfaction reduces after a big event, like marriage or getting a baby. Love is not our main goal in life anymore, according to professor Emily Grundy; we seem to value career and happiness more!

Several researches have shown that most people gain weight in a relationship (Vrouw, 2017). You relax together on the couch with a bag of chips more often and pay the gym fewer visits. When you are single you might eat alone more often, but this leaves you in total control of your dinner choices. You never have to eat something you do not like! Also, you do not suffer from someone snoring next to you in bed, or stealing the blankets.

No fights!
Two people, two opinions, so many expectations. You have to make a lot of compromises in a relationship and give in on some things. And who says you want to? Is it not great to do it all your own way? Next to that, a relationship can be stressful. If you already experience a lot of stress, this can get too much for you.

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Sanne Kwakkelstein

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