To get through daily life, there are some basic needs that everyone needs to have fulfilled. To understand how this works for a human being, you can compare him to a machine.


Food and drinks are two important needs. The human body needs nutrition in order to function just like a machine needs oil. So be aware that the higher the quality of the oil, the better the performance of the machine will be. When you’re eating unhealthy and consuming less vitamins, your performance will decrease. Healthy nutrition is important!

Self care

Self care consists of personal hygiene, but that’s not all. Attention is just as important. Without enough attention, the productivity of a machine will decrease. It will get dusty and things can break when you’re not taking care of the maintenance on a regular basis. The same happens to ourselves. How much attention do you pay to yourself? So regularly freshen yourself up, take care of your body when it’s needed, but also be nice to yourself mentally. It’s okay to give yourself a compliment each day!


It’s important to be active each day. You can for example think about work, study, hobbies or sports. When a machine is not doing enough, it can get rusty and get stuck. For a human being the same applies. You will experience less satisfaction when you’re not active enough. This will lead to some negative feelings and in turn will cause less interest in activities. Eventually the motivation will decrease so much until even the tiniest things will cost a lot of effort. So try being active each day so it gives you enough sense of fulfillment!


A machine that’s constantly going on and on, will start overheating at some point. When it’s not cooling down, it will lose its optimal productivity and will even break down eventually! For human beings it’s exactly the same. Our perseverance is huge, but when we’re going on forever, our performance will decrease. Planning enough moments to rest each day and making sure you’re able to relax each week is essential!


Every human being is unique and differs in its needs. To achieve the optimal productivity level of a machine, it has to be programmed in the right way. But that depends on a lot of circumstances. Sometimes it has to work some extra hours and it needs some more rest. Sometimes it has become a bit dusty and it will take a bit longer to get going again. The same happens to human beings. It’s a search for the right balance and getting to know your personal boundaries. So go through all your needs and check if everything in your daily life is programmed in the right way and make sure everything is tuned well!

Are your needs well balanced?

Do you need help to find the right balance and to identify your needs? The coaches of NiceDay would love to help you!

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