Day after day, week after week. The clock is ticking, but time has stopped. You speak, you laugh, you pretend everything’s fine. Your environment passes you by. You feel everything, whilst feeling nothing at all. Fled from you feelings. Wanting to be alone, alone in this world. You feel empty. Broken.

Mental health

When you got a stomach flu, you don’t even hesitate to visit your doctor. For mental health problems that’s a different story. Your thoughts, feelings and behavior are such a big part of your life. So why is there still a taboo on this subject? Why is there a stigma about psychic problems while almost half of the adults in the Netherlands suffer from them?

Get help

You are not overreacting. It’s not your fault. Your are not stupid. You are not alone. You are not a burden. Talk about your problems! NiceDay wants to break the taboo on mental health problems. Join the online community or connect with one of our NiceDay-coaches via the ‘NiceDay-app’. Together we can beat it!

Source :
Graaf, R. de, Have, M. ten & Dorsseleaer, S. van (2010). De psychische gezondheid van de Nederlandse bevolking. Utrecht: Trimbos Intituut.
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