Stop worrying about the opinion of others
Stop worrying about the opinion of others

Are you often concerned with what others think of you? Are you trying to please people so they will like you, reducing the chance of rejection? Does this behaviour sound familiar? This behavior is often linked to the way grew up during our childhood. In this article we will talk about some insights that can help you to stop worrying about what others think of you.

What does the opinion of others say about you?

The opinions of others are based on the life experiences they have gained, prejudices, expectations and preferences. This means that it has more to do with themselves and less with you. In our current generation we have a larger social network than the previous generation because of social media. It is easier to comment on others online, which means that we are probably dealing with many more opinions. This makes it all the more important to consider how much you value the opinion of others.

What do you find important?

What do you value in your life? Do you value success or do you find balance in your life more important? Once you know what is important to you and what you want to achieve, it becomes increasingly easier to make decisions. In addition, when you know what your core values are, you will start to value the opinion of others less. If you live according to your values then you will be more in power and therefore have confidence that you make the right choices.

Accept the fact that not everyone will like you

Unfortunately it is highly like that every person in the world will like you. That is the harsh truth. If you can accept this then you can make choices that are good for you. Have you been thinking about quitting your job for a while because you want to pursue your happiness but are you afraid of the reactions of your colleagues? Then think about your happiness versus the opinion of others. What is more important?

Be in control

When our happiness is influenced by the opinions of others, we actually give people control over our emotions. Realize that. Also know that the opinions of others are often a snapshot of what they think of you, but your emotions lasts longer than a snapshot. If you live by your values and you are less concerned with what others think of you, you are more in control. This of course is easier said than done.

Surround yourself with people who want the best for you

Surround yourself with people you feel comfortable and safe with. If people want the best for you, they will support you in the choices you make, whether or not they agree. In addition, it helps you to stay close to yourself and live an authentic life because you can be yourself in the company of loved ones.

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