Do you remember the positive things of your day? Or do you only remember the negative things of the day? Every day there are many things happening , but are you aware of this? Writing down every positive thing of the day can help you create a positive look back. Also reflecting on the day can be a good thing, for example: what went well and what can I improve? How you can go about this will be explained in this article.

We often remember a negative experience better and longer than a positive experience. Our brain is wired like this. If you want to remember things of when you were two years old you will notice that it is hard to remember. Often the things you do remember are the bad experiences like, losing your parents while you were shopping, or the first day of school you did not like. To correct the negative experience you will need at least three positive experiences. So the negative experience is contradictory to three positive experience. Writing down your experiences will help to feel the positive experience consciously.

Positive self image
To get a positive self image you need confirmation. You achieve this by writing it down, in a positive diary. If you write down what is good, you will consciously notice the positive things of that day. You can write down the good things about yourself or the things that went well that day. Also you can read back what the positive things were. This can be useful for later, if you are feeling down you can read your positive experience. Writing  down positive experiences is called a positive diary.

Positive diary
In the positive diary you can note small and big successes. You can also note different positive experiences, for example thoughts are also important to write down. In the NiceDay app you can write down how you are dealing and what you are dealing with. You can choose to reflect three times a day, or just at the end of the day. Below this I will write down examples that you can use, or be inspired within.  


  • Having a nice walk
  • Getting the train on time
  • Cooked for myself today
  • I think I have planned my work well today
  • etc…


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