I: “Hey, long time no see! How are you?”

Everyone in the world who has the idea that being busy is essential to a lifeworth will answer: “Yes, good. Busy! You?”

I: “Yes, the same. Busy busy.”

Because the above conversation occurred about twenty times a day, I decided not to give this answer anymore. Out of principle. It is a bit strange we are “so busy” and complain about to little time, but consistently overbook our schedules. 

Social acceleration

Philosopher Harmut Rosa explains this as a problem of the modern capitalist system, in which continuous growth is a necessity. According to Rosa, this economic trend has led to social acceleration (think of multitasking, international commuting and eating on the go). This phenomenon can lead to stress and disconnection with yourself.

A stop train or a fast train life?

Due to the speed of our society, you can get the feeling that there is no other way than to get on the same train of 200 km per hour. However, you are the machinist. You can decide for yourself whether you drive a stop train or an fast train. The problem of a too busy life can be solved. Ironically, this only takes a little time.

Running from A to B  every day

As an project manager I learned to plan my projects efficiently, because time is valuable. I noticed that this also applied to my own life: a Monday full of meetings, Tuesday driving to city X, Y and Z and a big presentation on Wednesday (which, of course, was finished until late tuesday). I also want to do sports, see my friends and family, clean the house and gain new skills. All tasks piled up and it became one big mush of to-do’s. I had to plan my personal time more efficiently, to have more time to enjoy.

Tools to be less busy

Below you will find some tools that helped me to cope with the pressure of today’s society. And they helped me to find my own happiness again. My tips for the coming week:

#the body is a machine

The most important factor of a stable foundation is consciously dealing with your body. Your body is a machine that needs to be maintained with care: sleep enough, go to bed on time and eat healthy. If you are physically in top form, it is easier to build a bridge to mental top condition.


 Be aware of your thoughts and believes. You can rush yourself by constantly thinking about how much you still have to do, how busy your week is and how stressed you feel. By also saying this, you tell your body and mind that something is wrong. You ask your body for a response: survival mode.

By choosing your thoughts and believes more carefully, you can prevent yourself from falling into an apathetic state where you get nothing done. 

Instead, look for the highlights  in the week. Embrace fine thoughts and say them out lot. In this way you also influence your environment positively!

#give yourself some space

If you have a lot to do you sometimes forget the most important thing: planning time for the most important person in your life, yourself. Choose a moment in the week where you make time for yourself. For example, I always keep my Wednesdays free after work. If someone asks to make an appointment, my answer is: “No, I need time for myself.”

This is a moment to look forward to. You can read a book, cook extensively or start a new hobby. Come up with something that will make you happy!

Important: Netflix, Whatsapp and Instagram do not count as a means to connect with yourself.

#make a plan

If you have set your moment for the coming week, focus on scheduling other obligations. Take half an hour and write everything you have to do. Then categorize this by priority: to be done within 1 day, within 1 week and later in the month.

Be honest! Do you really have to clean your house and do groceries and get a dress for that party today? Or can you move one of those tasks to another time in the week?

#think ahead

Go through your calendar at the beginning of the week to make sure it gets into your system. This gives you peace. Double check appointment locations. Find out if you can combine some things to spend your time efficiently. First deliver the mail, then refuel the car, then do the shopping. Or first start the washing machine, put the chicken in the oven and then process your email.


It goes without saying that every week is different and every person functions in his own way. But in the essence it is to focus on life, rather than being lived.

This is also described by the world’s first bartender Jerry Thomas:

“Stress is not caused by your busy life or challenging circumstances, it’s simply the result of an imbalance between silence and activity.”

If you know how to create balance in your daily life, you can pay attention to things that really make you happy. Have a nice life!

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