Yoga during summer? Go to the beach!
Yoga during summer? Go to the beach!

Yoga, you can do it anytime and anywhere. Easy from your own home, in one of the many beautiful yoga studios in the Netherlands or when the summer is in the country on a beautiful location: the beach. By far the best summer location for yoga! In this blog you will discover interesting beach facts and special beach yoga locations in the Netherlands.

Dutch beaches 

Although the Netherlands does not have summer temperatures all year round, the Dutch beaches are perfect for beach yoga for at least three quarters of the year. Below a few surprising facts about “our” beaches: 

  1. The Dutch coast is 432 kilometers long. It consists of sand for 82 percent. The rest is mainly formed by human constructions, such as sea walls.
  2. In order to maintain the coastline as much as possible, we move twelve million cubic meters of sand annually. This comes from places that are a few kilometers off the coast. 
  3. Schiermonnikoog beach has the largest average width (430 meters) in the Netherlands. Terschelling comes in second place with 270 meters. The Zeeland beaches are the narrowest: that of Vlissingen is only fifteen meters wide. 
  4. Fortunately we do not notice it, but under the bath towel on which you lie on the beach, about eight million microscopic creatures crawl. In total there are about fifty different species of animals on the beach that are larger than one millimeter.

Read the Quest. for these and more surprising beach facts. 

Plastic fantastic!

A less pleasant fact is that on average every hundred meters of Dutch beach there is around four hundred pieces of waste. Fortunately, that waste can be converted into usable products such as yoga clothing. HOESSEE is a specialist in the field of sustainable yoga clothing made from recyclable materials. Not only by choosing sustainable materials, but by using sustainability as a starting point for the entire production process. Curious how that works? You can read it here.


There are more than 60 different locations on the Dutch coasts where beach yoga is given. On the website of Buiten-Yoga you can easily do a search and discover if there is a location near you. Are you not in the mood for a 60 or 90 minute beach yoga class, but do you want a yoga workout? These four different yoga videos each last a maximum of 1.5 minutes and give the body a full workout. Ideal to combine with a beach day!

 BeachYoga Work out 1: 

BeachYoga Work out 2:

BeachYoga Work out 3:

BeachYoga Work out 4: 


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