Yoga For Runners – the most effective yoga exercises for runners
Yoga For Runners – the most effective yoga exercises for runners

In addition to yoga, running is one of the most effective sports to physically maintain the body. Just as with yoga, you do not have to be a trained runner immediately if you want to experience the benefits of running. Regularly a short morning run or running during your lunch break all contribute to the many health benefits that this sport provides.

This video shows the effect of running on the body:

Seven muscle groups

You use more than seven muscle groups during running. The video (with a robot voice-over) below shows that you use the muscles in the lower body during running, namely: hips, hamstrings, quadriceps (thigh muscle), glutus maximus (large buttock muscle) and the calves. The biceps (upper arm muscles) and part of the abdominal muscles have a supporting function during your run. 

Benefits of yoga for running

These muscle groups and joints have to endure a lot when you are running, even if you are a trained runner. It is therefore always important to do a good warming up and cooling down, so that your body can recover well and remains injury-free. Yoga can be an enormous added value for every runner. Not only do yoga poses contribute to a faster recovery, it prevents injuries. In addition, by regularly practicing yoga the muscles and joints can function (even) better; so improving your personal record is within running distance.

In addition to practicing yoga, I am a runner and have listed a number of yoga poses that my runs benefit from:

Yoga For Runners – Back Special
This video is 9 minutes and show you 6 yoga poses that your back will benefit from: 

Yoga For Runners – Hip Special
This video is 7 minutes and shows you 9 yoga poses that your hips will benefit from:

Yoga For Runners – Leg Special (9 min)
Watch this video below and find out which yoga poses are good for your legs:

More information about yoga and running? Go to the blogs of Esther on her website.

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