You can learn to accept: 2 reading tips
You can learn to accept: 2 reading tips

Accepting is often easier said than done. Acceptance means you have recognition for what you encounter, without wanting it to solve immediately. You start to see it as a part of your current life without making it bigger or smaller. This way, you can investigate how you can live by your values ​​despite the psychological problems you experience. I would like to share 2 books that may help you accept your current process.

Tip 1: My friend fear – Meera Lee Patel 

book fearMeera Lee Patel is an illustrator and bundled her experiences with fears into a beautiful and special book. Patel challenges you to investigate what happens when you listen to your fears. What can happen if you embrace your fears and use them to empower yourself?

With many questions form the book you will find out of what you are actually afraid of. The writer tells about her personal experiences with fear and how she sees her fear as her best friend. The book is an easy read, has beautiful illustrations and it inspires you to be a little milder towards yourself.

Curious? You can order this book here.

Tip 2: Stronger than ever – Brené Brown

The book “Stronger than ever” is the 4th book written by Brené Brown. This time the theme of the book: trial and error. Brown is a happiness researcher and combines scientific information with personal experiences of others and of herself. With this she immediately sets the right example. Brown argues for a revolution: dare to be honest about failing. She describes which phases you go through and how to get up again. This takes courage!

Through the personal stories of others and the author you will get the feeling that you are not alone.

I recommend this book! You can order the book here.

Have fun reading!

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