Are you going to a rough time and do you need some extra support. Do they provide solutions for your problems instead of listening to them? Or do you feel misunderstood? That’s understandable, because only you know how you feel. However, you need someone who listens to you and makes you feel better. The solution might be closer than you think! The unconditional love and loyalty of your pet might give you that extra bit of support you need right now.


A pet can provide social support, which can reduce the negative effects of stress. Research support this statement since the blood pressure and level of stress hormones reduce after interaction with a pet (Allen, 2014). Also loneliness and depressions are less common for pet owners (only for dogs). Several researches show that animal assisted therapy can reduce symptoms of depression significantly (Allen, 2014).

A loving paw

Do you feel like the people around you think you are exaggerating? Your furry friend doesn’t. Pets don’t look for solutions, but listen to you and give love. They give you comfort, warmth and safety. They are to trust completely and you can tell them anything.

The hug hormone

You bond with your pet through oxytocin, or in other words: the hug hormone. Your body produces oxytocin during social contact. For example by hugging your pet, caressing your pet and even during eye contact. Oxytocin suppresses stress hormones and makes you feel calm and relaxed. This helps not only for you, but your pet feels it too!

Rest and structure

Pets give you rest and bring structure to you day. The pets’ life is now in your hands. This responsibility distracts you from your problems, which gives rest. Animals need structure, for example in meal times. This give you a reason to create structure for yourself as well. Dogs need to be walked at least three times a day, a walk gives you rest and relaxation. Time off to get away from the tension of daily life which makes you feel so tired.

Disclaimer: Think it over before you get a pet. Pets need a lot of attention and are a big responsibility. Consider if you have space for a pet in your life on the long term. Also consider to give a pet in a shelter a second chance!


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